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Business For Sale: Truck and Trailer chassis straightening, extensions, modifications and repairs

Business For Sale: Truck and Trailer chassis straightening, extensions, modifications and repairs
Price Expression of Interest
Turnover $3,463,411


Price Expression of Interest
Turnover $3,463,411
Location Carrington Road Torrington QLD
Categories Automotive – Truck
Date Listed 3rd November, 2017
Listing ID 4822


Business For Sale: Truck and Trailer chassis straightening, extensions, modifications and repairs

The business operates from Toowoomba, on land and buildings owned by the Directors through a related entity. Both the land, buildings and the business is for sale by way of expression of interest.
The Directors have re-structured the business operations and service offering in recent years and are now offering the business for sale as a going concern.
The business has evolved over the years and has been progressively increasing its capability across all divisions, including the design and fabrication of complex components, such as vacuum tanker trailers for the Mining & Energy sector.
The business is well positioned to capitalise on the influx of transport operators and local major infrastructure developments totalling in excess of $13 billion
The main revenue stream for the business is the repairs and modifications of heavy haulage transport vehicles. The business is well known for its chassis straightening and extension capabilities, throughout Toowoomba and the Darling Downs region.
The facility has an in-ground rail system for anchoring and straightening chassis rails on trailers and prime movers. This capability, linked to the 3D design capability, dovetails in with the activity of designing and manufacturing of purpose built trailers and vacuum tanker trailers, for the Mining & Energy sector.
In addition the business comes with a fully installed water jet cutter with a large 6000mm x 3000mm bed that has the capability of cutting a range of materials, including metal, ranging from 2mm thick up to 150mm thick with precise accuracy. As there is no heat, there is no distortion of the material when cut. The operation also has a 3600mm x 2400mm plasma cutter which supplies a quicker cutting method. Both cutting machines are CNC operated and can integrate with design.
The software and hardware built into the both cutters ensures accuracy in the cutting of the components and or panels that make up the end product. The CNC operation, combined with the correct planning and nesting, assists in eliminating material and time waste which ensures the lowest possible cost for the customer.
The operations of the business was restructure and now includes redefining roles and responsibilities. This limit the dependence on the current owners.
The website has been revamped to support the implementation of key Digital and Social Media strategies, to increase the profile of the business in its catchment areas.
The business is also becoming more efficient with labour productivity, efficiency, and recovery rates being tracked and monitored to ensure maintenance of gross margins relative to sales. This is evident in the moderate forecasts for future years which show these levels could be attained within current capacity.
This is a great opportunity. Don't hesitate to phone Piet on 0407 745 088 to discuss.