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Farm Machinery + SundriesA/c C. Hall (Property Sold)13th December 2019 @ 10:30am

Farm Machinery + SundriesA/c C. Hall (Property Sold)13th December 2019 @ 10:30am


Categories Retail
Date Listed 26th November, 2019
Listing ID 6778


Farm Machinery + SundriesA/c C. Hall (Property Sold)13th December 2019 @ 10:30am

Krone KR150 Round Baler, Krone KR10-16 Round Baler, M.F 178 Tractor 3 P.L, New Holland 489 Mower – Conditioner, 2 x Yamaha AG 100 Motorbikes, 1200 LT Hardi Trailing Boom Spray 20’, M.F 35 x tractor (New Radiator + Head), 2 x Gas operated Scare Guns, Nissan Navara 4WD Ute, 3 P.L. Scarfier, Flat top Tandem trailer (10’x7’) with crane, Red Gum Burls, 3PL Round Bale Feed-out Old Hammer Mill, Cosmag Side Shift Forklift, Ford 3 P.L. Disc Plough 14 Plate, 21’ Cow Crate 2 Compartments, 12’ Stock Crate with decks, 3 P.L. 6” Fan Pump, Channel Cleaner, Furphy Land Grader, Old land Grader, 12’ Cultivator, Fergi Disc 6 Plate, Fergi Bar Mower, 2 set Linkage Tractor Forks, 9’ Harrows, Tandem Trailer, 10” Day Pump, 12” Pump Pipe, 4 Concrete Stops, 9 x Culvert Ends, Rubber Seal Door, 4” 2 Stage High Pressure Pump, Rotary Drain Cleaner, Fergi Jib, 3 Furrow Plough, Fergi Back Wheels, Various Size Concrete Pipes, 3 P.L. Vicon Hay Rake, Scoop, Small Tandem Trailer, Power Hack-Saw, New Fire Bars for Steam Engine, Trewhella Jacks, Leg Vice, Fordson Belt Pulley, Saw Bench, Pipe Bender, Pipe Vice, Calf Crush, Steel Steps, ALFA LAVAL Old Forge, Back end Loader, P.T.O Hay Elevator, 1 ½” Poly Pipe Reel, Old Separator, Cow Lifter, Old Crush, Briststand Scoop 3 P.L. Gramophone (not complete), And numerous Sundries
Terms: Cash or Personal Cheque on day of Sale, Buyer Register ID required, No GST, No EFTPOS
Directions: From Torrumbarry head towards Gunbower on Murray Valley Highway – Take Torrumbarry Weir Road on Right, go 2.1kms, turn Patho Cemetery Road, follow agents signs.

Ph: 0354 383 041
Chris Nevins: 0408510626