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Global Realty Partners

1/18 Alma Road
New Lambton 2305 NSW

About Global Realty Partners

The firm began in the 1960's as Kentucky Real Estate and at that time was owned by the respected firm Reid and Reid Solicitors. The business operated from 50 Tudor Street Hamilon. It was during this time original principal, John Karmas, worked for the firm as a part-time salesman. However, in December 1973 due to the illness of the then manager, the opportunity arose for John Karmas to acquire the business. By this time the business was operating at 50 Maitland Road Mayfield, and was renamed John Karmas Real Estate. Because of its consistent growth, the business moved to a new premises at 89 Maitland Road, Mayfield and took on the franchise name of Nationwide Realty - John Karmas. In the late 2002, the firm moved to even larger premises in the heart of Mayfield at 262 Maitland Road, and began trading as Realty Partners, to reflect the character of the form in involving licensed and trustworthy real estate associates. Meanwhile Colin Bice moved from his existing 1997 established Wallsend franchise business to open an independent office at Lambton in 2001. Colin's co-operative and selfless nature proved an attractant for other like minded agents and soon became a workplace of preference for honest and ethical local agents. The business grew and expanded to finally operate from Hamilton, Wallsend and East Maitland, along the way absorbing established smaller agencies and their staff from Rutherford, Wickham, Islington, Raymond Terrace, Charlestown and Adamstown into their operation. In 2013, with John wanting relief from the administrative side of the business, it made good sense to merge the businesses, given the shared company goals and ideals born out of a long history of co-operation and association between the businesses. Operating as a single entity out of the current 4 locations of New Lambton, Mayfield, Wallsend and Belmont, the business is unique in it's structure with agents utilising the available resources of each site in conducting their business. Realty Partners has stood the test of time. We believe honesty is the best asset you can have in a business and we believe that honesty is the heart of a our quality promise. Our staff selection policy is to hire people of character and integrity - the right people mean honourable people - everything else can be taught. In fact many family members and lifetime friendships form the basis of the some 40 staff employed within the business. Realty Partners believe that it exists for a higher purpose other than just financial aspects. We regard our clients as friends. We meet them socially, go to lunch/coffee with them, send them Newsletters etc, and enjoy fulfilling their real estate needs by providing a quality marketing service that they can trust to bring them results. So our reason for existence is to serve this higher purpose, and this is encapsulated in our motto: "Offering you a better way of life" because we believe that with our help we can enable you to improve your lifestyle by helping you move home and maintain the community and life you can enjoy and aspire to.